Essential Somatics® Training Programs

Essential Somatics® training programs are offered in two tracks for personal and professional development. Continue reading for more information or contact us with questions about our training programs.

Personal Track

The personal track of Essential Somatics® training is a primer to the fundamentals of Clinical Somatic Education and the profoundly-effective movements that relieve muscle pain and restore freedom of movement. These courses are open to all ages and activity levels.


Fundamentals Immersion Course

This two-day introductory course is for anyone with an interest in learning about or seeking to deepen their understanding of Clinical Somatic Education for their own personal education and exploration. This course is an excellent introduction to this highly effective, yet simple method of neuromuscular movement education and pain relief. 

Somatics for athletics

This two-day introductory course is for athletes, fitness instructors, and anyone with a desire to improve their ability and performance through the principles and practices of Clinical Somatic Education. This course will teach you how to relieve chronic pain and maintain freedom of movement for the long-term, regardless of what muscular stresses or injuries you may incur.

Professional Track

The professional track of Essential Somatics® training is for healthcare and movement professionals, and bodyworkers who want to
become qualified and skilled at teaching Clinical Somatic  Education.



In this comprehensive four-day course, students will attain a fundamental grasp of the the concepts and principles of Somatic Education and teaching Essential Somatic Movement. They will learn to skillfully instruct the 10 foundational somatic movements and learn how to incorporate them into their primary practice. This course is for those who want to use their knowledge and experience to help others. This course is  a prerequisite for ESMTT Level Two and the CSE professional training program.


This course builds on the ESMTT Level One. Students continue their learning with Somatic Movement sequences designed to target functional disorders. Students will fine-tune their teaching skills and  deepen their understanding of the basic concepts of Somatic Education and how they are applied in a movement class.

clinical somatic education Professional training

In this 3-year professional training program you will become certified and skilled at teaching Clinical Somatic Education. You will learn the clinical hands-on protocols that improve sensory motor control to those suffering from sensory motor system and functional muscle pain.