Pain Relief Through Movement DVD


Pain Relief Through Movement DVD


This DVD is the first step in reversing muscle pain and improving mobility. Martha Peterson demonstrates and talks you through easy, gentle somatic movements to start you on the path to a pain-free life. This DVD is especially helpful to those with low back pain, sciatica, limited mobility or overall muscle tightness.

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About this DVD

Pain Relief Through Movement is the best place to begin learning to relieve chronic muscle pain and regain freedom of movement. You will learn the safe, easy, and effective Somatic Exercises as outlined in Thomas Hanna's book, Somatics: Awakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health.

Learn to relieve and eliminate: 

  • back pain and disc problems

  • knee/hip pain and altered gait due to limping

  • neck and shoulder pain

  • sciatica

  • plantar fasciitis and tendonitis

  • Piriformis Syndrome

  • sacroiliac pain

  • ... and much more!

Certain physical complaints are structural in nature and need attention from doctors or surgeons. However, most conditions of chronic muscular pain are the result of our daily movement habits and our reflexive or repetitive responses to stress. Muscles that learn to stay tight will cause chronic pain. Learn how to release tight muscles and take back control of your body!

Additional Information

  1. Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

  2. This DVD is Region 0 and is playable worldwide.

  3. Run time: 57 min.

What People are saying about Pain Relief Through Movement

The longer you train, the harder you compete and the higher you strive... let’s just say if you do any of this, the more you need Martha Peterson... Injured as a Highland Games athlete, I did a lot of things to fix my hip and, to be honest, a lot worked. But, nothing transformed me more than Martha’s simple techniques. Martha is the “go to girl” for male athletes looking for the pain free edge.
— Dan John, Strength Coach and author of “Never Let Go”
I’ve only been doing the exercises for barely two weeks and my body is reverting to a “normal” stance…I have suffered from chronic tension in my calf muscles and lower back for over 20 years, this just seems like a miracle… I feel like a new woman!
— Maureen D., United Kingdom