Pain-Free Leg and Hip Joints DVD


Pain-Free Leg and Hip Joints DVD


Learn gentle, easy Somatic Exercises to relieve muscle pain, improve mobility, coordination and muscle control in both legs and hip joints so you can walk, run, and move without pain. This DVD is great for those with sciatica, hip pain, plantarfascitis, piriformis syndrome, leg length discrepancy or knee pain.

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About this DVD

Leg and hip joints can lose their flexibility and become tight and painful for many reasons. Sitting for long hours at a desk or in a car, suffering an accident or an injury, having surgery, or even one-sided, repetitive movement (like holding babies on one hip) can cause the waist and muscles that move the hip to stay tightly contracted. All of these things have a domino effect on the rest of one’s body affecting gait, posture, and range of movement, and often resulting in muscular discomfort.

The Somatic Exercises on this DVD will help:

  • relieve hip joint pain

  • improve mobility, coordination and muscle control in both legs and hip joints

  • improve walking, running, dancing and other activities

  • overcome injuries that resulted in leg, knee or hip pain

This DVD is especially helpful for those suffering form sciatica, plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac pain, leg length discrepancy, tight/painful hip joints, knee pain, or an uneven gait due to injury.


  1. Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

  2. This DVD is Region 0 and is playable worldwide.

  3. Run time: 84 min.