Pain-Free Athletes DVD


Pain-Free Athletes DVD


Learn gentle, easy Somatic Exercises to overcome training injuries, regain balance and symmetry, prevent recurring injuries, and ultimately improve performance.

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About this DVD

Athletes are known for working hard, training hard and often having to retire earlier than expected due to repetitive injuries and chronic muscle pain. When an athlete is injured they develop a learned pattern of physical compensation and reflexive muscular tightening, even after the initial rehabilitation is over.

The Somatic Exercises on this DVD will help athletes (both amateur or professional) to:

  • move without pain

  • overcome training injuries that compromise performance

  • improve form, muscle balance and efficiency

  • prevent recurring injuries and recover from recent ones


  1. Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

  2. This DVD is Region 0 and is playable worldwide.

  3. Run time: 64 min.