Pain-Free at Work DVD


Pain-Free at Work DVD


Learn gentle, easy Somatic Exercises you can do at your desk! Improve posture, increase energy, and relieve back/neck/shoulder/hip pain that causes carpal tunnel, aching backs, headaches and other conditions.

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About this DVD

The muscles of the neck, jaw, shoulders, back and hips can become painful and tight due sitting for hours at a desk or working at a computer. Slumped posture or overly arched back muscles, in addition to one-sided repetitive movements (like computer mousing), can cause "workplace pain" that causes the brain to "forget" how to relax the muscles fully.

The Somatic Exercises on this DVD will help: 

  • relieve neck, shoulder, back and hip pain

  • relax the muscles that connect the back, neck and shoulders

  • improve posture and enhance your ability to self-correct your posture during the day

  • increase energy, effectiveness and mental focus

This DVD is especially helpful for those suffering from slumped posture, “stiff” necks, TMD, carpal tunnel, shallow breathing, tension headaches or fatigue.  A few minutes each hour is all you need to remind muscles to relax, release and “refresh.” This can result in reduced or eliminated  typical office pain and can contribute to more energy during - and after - work.


  1. Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

  2. This DVD is Region 0 and is playable worldwide.

  3. Run time: 24 min.