Move Without Pain


Move Without Pain


Written by Martha Peterson, published by Sterling Publishing

Martha Peterson uses the Hanna Somatics approach to muscular pain relief to teach you how to recognize and change your physical and psychological responses to stress that cause muscle pain and discomfort... on your own!

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The Hanna Somatics approach to muscular pain relief addresses your physical and psychological responses to the stresses that cause your discomfort. More than 25 fully illustrated somatic exercises and movements help to easily, effectively, and safely relieve and eliminate muscle pain, resulting in more efficient and pain-free movement

Somatic Exercises are appropriate for any age or activity level.

Martha Peterson rekindles our passion for play and teaches us how 15 minutes of simple exercise can make us look and feel younger.
— Andre Panagos M.D., Spine & Sports Medicine of New York
Move Without Pain is not another stretching book – it’s a must read for anyone who wants to feel better and move better. It will get you dancing around the room again in no time at all!
— Dan John, Strength Coach and author of “Never Let Go”
Martha Peterson shows us a path to genuine physical education, awareness, and pain relief. This is a profoundly important book.
— Frank Forencich, author of “Exuberant Animal” and “Change Your Body, Change the World”