Somae Osler


About Me

Somae Osler, CCSE is a graduate of the Essential Somatics® Clinical Somatic Education Training Program whose experience with movement and education spans more than 25 years. Her practice is based in Duncan, BC, where she offers private clinical Somatic sessions and movement classes in her studio: Somalila Sanctuary.

Somae discovered Martha Peterson's book, Move Without Pain in the spring of 2016 and was inspired to commence training a few weeks later. Somae enjoys sharing the educational and experiential aspects of this work as people release long held tension and regain freedom of movement.

Somae offers group classes and private clinical sessions to clients of all ages.

Contact Me

Phone: 250-510-4644  
Studio Address: Somalila Sanctuary, 1584 Stamps Rd., Duncan, BC, V9L 5W2