Sarah Guest


Sarah Guest comes from a background of chronic pain. After suffering for years, she knows what it’s like to wonder if there will ever be a day when she could move or sleep again without pain ruling her life.

Like most of her clients, Sarah tried many different therapies and treatments over the years. Some helped temporarily and some not at all. She trained as a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist in 2008 and became a Pilates Instructor in 2010. Both methods helped but it wasn't until she discovered Clinical Somatics she could finally say she was pain free.

Sarah has been trained as a Somatic Exercise Coach since 2013. She offers regular classes and workshops in and around the Taunton area to help others discover their pain-free lives once again. She also works with clients privately in her home office. Sarah is currently enrolled in Clinical Somatic Education with Essential Somatics.

Please contact Sarah through her website for more information.

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Phone: 07907 22 60 60