Rachel Newson


Rachel Newson is a second-year Clinical Somatic Educator-in-training with Essential Somatics. Originally from the UK, her practice is currently based in Brussels, Belgium where she offers classes, workshops, individual sessions, and retreats.

Rachel’s story is all too familiar — she experienced chronic pain gradually worsening over a number of years with no known cause or diagnosis. Having exhausted all the obvious routes of treatment and relief, her search led her first to the practice of Feldenkrais and then to Clinical Somatics, where the pieces really fell into place. Fully convinced of the power of this work, Rachel is now enrolled in clinical training so that she can share the amazing benefits with as many others as possible.

Contact Me

Phone: +32 (0)475 941721
Email: rachel.newson@gmail.com
Website: www.wholebodymovement.be