Isabel Berg


About Me

In her mid-twenties Isabel was suffering with severe back pain apparently without reason, despite living an active life.

Isabel always had an interest in sports and movement; to understand her own conditions and help herself she began training as a personal trainer focusing on functional and natural movements. Even though she felt much better, there was still a lack of confidence with her own body and strength.

When searching for further solutions Isabel came across Essential Somatics by chance. In 2012 she attended one of the first Fundamentals Immersion Courses taught by Martha Peterson in Europe.

Experiencing Somatics was a big eye-opener for her and a missing link in her life. She experienced a kind of relief she never had before and felt immediately that Somatics would change her life in a positive way.

She completed the Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach Level 1 and 2 and is a second-year Clinical Somatic Educator-in-training with Essential Somatics.

Isabel teaches movement classes and workshops, and sees private clients in Eltville, Germany (50km of Frankfurt am Main), helping people to help themselves to live pain free and enjoy movement.

Contact Me

Phone: +49 176 62175 881